• Business Writing Bundle

    Business writing is a critical skill to develop in any organisation. It aims to elicit the ideal business response from its audience. In this course bundle, you will learn about the core fundamentals of business writing and how it can help you propel your career or your business towards the results you want.
  • Career Development Bundle

    Don’t let your career unfold by accident. High performing employees treat career development as a job all by itself, identifying gaps in skills and competencies, then positioning themselves for the next promotion. This course bundle is designed specifically for aspiring high-flyers.
  • Human Resources Bundle

    Human Resources is the least understood management competency, whilst also carrying the greatest risk to a business. This course bundle helps HR professionals and managers alike to plan and respond to the broad variety of issues that can arise in a modern workplace.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Bundle

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based approach to the classic Microsoft Office tools designed to help increase productivity and efficiency at work. This course bundle will help you utilise the functions of this powerful software package to enhance efficiency in every aspect of your daily duties.
  • Microsoft Office Excel 365 Bundle

    Optimise the way you gather, work and share data in your organisation. Understand how you can create a more efficient workflow and optimise how you analyse and visualise information. This course bundle helps you maximise the features of Microsoft Excel 365 for efficient data gathering and analysis.
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 365 Bundle

    Create outstanding presentations that will wow your team, customers and clients. Learn how to utilise PowerPoint presentations to your advantage and collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere with the new Microsoft PowerPoint 365 cloud-based approach. This course bundle will help you maximise the potential of your presentation to create a lasting impression in every presentation.
  • Microsoft Office Word 365 Bundle

    Microsoft Office Word 365 reinvents the way you create documents. Learn how to use features like text flow control, online collaboration, and mail merge. Work with tables and charts, create a consistent document format for your team and redefine the way you work with Microsoft Word.
  • Sales and Marketing Bundle

    Sales and Marketing are closely intertwined business functions critical in helping an organisation create a lasting impression that can propel them to achieve significant organisational goals. This course bundle provides you with the fundamental skills crucial to understand your market and catapult your business to the forefront of your industry.
  • Small Business Training Bundle

    Facilities, products, customers, finance… The list of demands on small business owners is never-ending, and training always gets pushed to the background. Invest in yourself through highly targeted micro-competencies that deliver just the knowledge that you need, when you need it, and in your own time.
  • Supervisors and Managers Bundle

    Managing people effectively is a powerful skill that empowers individuals and builds powerful teams. The course bundle includes core competencies for hiring, training, managing and optimising human capital. We also include specific competencies for managing difficult conversations.
  • Train The Trainer Bundle

    Use a combination of eLearning tools and face-to-face instruction to supercharge your business’ organisation learning. In-house training capabilities can save thousands on external facilitation. This course bundle equips new trainers with skills for delivering in-house training.
  • Workplace Essentials Bundle

    Everything you need to become a consummate workplace professional is included in this course bundle. From managing finance to dealing with difficult people, this course bundle will equip you with the skills and knowledge to be a confident and competent employee.